(Start now. You must stop after 15 minutes.)

1. A dog is bigger than a mouse, but smaller than an elephant.
A dog is smaller than a mouse.
A dog is very big.
A dog is the biggest.
An elephant is bigger than a dog.

2. Sangay is English but Teresa isn't; she's American.
Teresa is English.
Sangay isn't English.
Sangay isn't American.
Teresa and Sangay aren't English.

3. He is the oldest man in the world.
He is not as old as my grandmother.
Many men are older.
There are no older men anywhere.
He's older than some other men.

4. You can't come without a ticket.
You can come if you have a ticket.
You mustn't go with a ticket.
You don't need a ticket to come.
You cannot buy a ticket outside.

5. Andrea is looking after the children.
She can see the children.
She is taking care of the children.
She is looking at the children.
The children are in front of her.

6. They only have one car for the family.
They only like cars.
They do not like any other cars.
They do not have two cars.
They have a big family.

7. What does Vonica like?
What are her favourite things?
How is she?
Does she look like Vonica?
Does he like Vonica?

8. He hopes to go home, but he may go to work.
He'll be at home before the office.
It is possible that he will go to work.
He's allowed to go to work.
He always goes home after work.

9. I want you to clean the car when you come back.
You want to clean it.
We will clean it together.
I don't want you to forget to clean it.
I want to clean the car.

10. She used to smoke cigarettes.
She is used to cigarettes.
She smoked before, but she doesn't now.
She usually smokes cigarettes.
She used two cigarettes.

11. Shall I take you to the station?
Would you like me to take you to the station?
Must I take you?
Will it be necessary to take you there?
Did I take you before?

12. They should talk more slowly.
They talk too quickly.
They would like to talk more slowly.
They might have slower talks.
Talking is not fast.

13. Mirana remembered to phone the doctor.
She remembered phoning the doctor.
Mirana forgot to remember to phone.
She didn't forget to phone the doctor.
She remembered that she phoned her.

14. Madame Traiviey has lived nearly 115 years.
She was very old.
She is very old.
She died when she was nearly 115.
Madame Traiviey has many more years.

15. She can hardly see it.
She sees very hard.
She is hard with it.
She cannot see it very well.
It is hard to see her.

16. Yeuk Yee had her house painted white yesterday.
She had to paint her house white yesterday.
Her house was not blue last week.
They painted her house white for her yesterday.
She painted her house yesterday.

17. Either teacher knows the answer.
No teachers know the answer.
Both teachers know the answer.
All the teachers know the answer.
Any teacher can answer.

18. I'd rather be a millionaire.
I've been a millionaire.
I'd better be a millionaire.
I'd prefer to be a millionaire.
You have more millions than me.

19. You don't have to do this test.
You can choose not to do this test.
You mustn't do it.
You can't do this test.
You have no desire to do it.

20. If Muriel had come, she would have won.
If she hadn't won, she'd have come.
Muriel didn't win because she didn't come.
When Muriel came she always won.
She didn't come, but she won anyway.

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