This document will describe the step to configure “connection of ION energy meter to SICAM PAS via protocol Modbus RTU”.

Basic Setup

1. Basic Configuration Required for ION Meters

For displaying correct measurement of the system to be monitored via Energy Meter “ION 8600 Series”, we need to configure basic setting such us CT, PT and communication port. To perform this, we can use an optical cable “ABACUS” or just set the setting via keypad in the front panel of meter.

First of all power up the meters, by default ION 8600 series is in hardware lock position, in this case we can not perform any setting change of the meter. To unlock the meter, Remove outer cover and press TEST mode button. The meter always returns to NORM mode after exiting TEST mode after several of minutes.

Open cover to Unlock ION 8600Front Panel ION 8600

Now, setting change of the ION meter is possible, Open ION Software connect to the meters using ABACUS optical cable or just use the keypad and enters this value to the meters.

Front Panel Config ION 8600

Enter the value of CT & PT connected to the meters

clip_image008  ION8600 Basic Setup CT-PT

Set communication port of ION meters to RS485 Mode and set Modbus RTU as the communication protocol. Set the Unit ID or Modbus slave address, each ION meters should have a unique address. Communication baud rate of the ION meters should be same with SICAM PAS configuration. Decrease the baud rate of SICAM PAS and ION meters if there’s to much noise or looses caused by distance or electric induction.

ION 8600 Basic Setup



After successfully setup the meters, now make RS-485 connection between SICAM PAS PC and ION meters. Use twisted paired shielded cable to reduce noise and losses.

Automation Configuration for ION 8600 Cabling RS485 RS426 to ION 8600clip_image019

After finishing configuration of the meters, at this moment we need to configure serial port RuggedServer RS416 to retrieve data from meters using RS485 Mode and send the data to SICAM PAS server as virtual COM port.

Port RS416 Configuration

Each port of RS416 is individually selectable via software to be RS232, RS485 or RS422. From “RuggedDirector” software, set the port which used for connection between SICAM PAS to ION8600 meters to RS485 Mode.

The DB9 port pin-out diagram and listing are shown below. Connect port DB9 of RS416 Pin 2 to Data+ (white cable) of meters and Pin 7 to Data- (black cable) of meters.

RS416 Virtual Port

To do this, install RuggedDirector software to SICAM PAS PC to make a virtual serial COM Port from RuggedServer RS416 in the SICAM PAS PC.

Connect SICAM PAS Server to RS416 via Ethernet cable and open RuggedDirector then press [+] to add new virtual COM Port to PC Server. After that, Press >_ to start telnet program.

Enter “admin” as Administrator password by default, then navigate to Serial Protocols à Configure Protocols.

Select type of COM Port which used as communication port of SICAM PAS to ION 8600 meters to RS485 type.

RS416 Telnet Configuration

And please notice that serial parameters (such us baudrate, data bits, etc) of RS416 should be same with serial parameters configuration of ION meters.

To enable 1 port of RS416 used by two server which only one server is pooling data as master and the others is only standby server, we need to configure Max Conns of RS416 to 2 Conns, default is 1 Conns.



After completing the communication configuration, now our last step is configuring SICAM PAS and Mapping the Modbus Register of ION 8600 into SICAM PAS Modbus Master Table.

Open SICAM PAS UI – Configuration then select Templates, then start make ION 8600 Modbus Map or just import 8600 ION.txt attached within this document.

From SICAM PAS UI Config, select Mapping then create new device in the Modbus Master group then use 8600 ION template as the device modbus mapping. Remember, we need to configure communication port of each devices using virtual COM Port as described above. Then fill the device address, baudrate, etc. of each device.

Close SICAM PAS Config then Start SICAM PAS Operation and click Update System. After the SICAM PAS Operation has been successfully restarted we’ll see that ION Meters is now connected to SICAM PAS server. Go to SICAM PAS Config again to mapping SCC signal which required to displaying metering value of ION meters into HMI display, then export the PXD file.

SICAM PAS Modbus Mapping

The final touch is displaying the ION measurement into HMI display. To do this, Open graphic designer then create IOField for displaying the value. First, import the PXD File from SICAM PAS to SCC (WinCC Explorer Add On).

Some of Modbus register using scaling factor, for example: register value is 22123, the actual value is 22.12kV, so we need to multiply it by 0.001 or 1/1000. We can make the equation in the SICAM PAS Soft PLC or directly in the WinCC global script.

This is script example of 150kV GIS Krembangan Project:

WinCC Script Modbus Scaling

For displaying correct value of Voltage measurement, the original register values have to be divided by 1000

For displaying correct value of Current and Frequency measurement, the original register values have to be divided by 10

For the details please refer to ION 8600 Modbus Register Instruction Manual.

Modbus Map ION 8600

ION_Devices_Modbus_Register_Map.pdf is attached within this document.


Sample Display of ION 8600 Meter


That’s all…

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