clip_image029Regarding the request of our customer/end user, PLN, to change the BCU Display symbol with their own standard, then we start build a new symbol, line, and necessary graphic to adopt their standard symbol. However, the BCU Display of SIPROTEC only display monochrome LCD graphic, but PLN Standard symbol using color as the indication of voltage, this is the disadvantages of using SIPROTEC BCU. Even with monochrome graphic, but the customer satisfied enough with the current display now. This document will describe how to use the update library file into your DIGSI software and describe how to implement the graphic with a lot of templates without creating from beginning.

Extracting the Library

Download Files:

Copy and open the attachment file of this configuration_info, called “Dispedit.rar”:


clip_image004Before start extracting the file, please ensure that DIGSI software is closed in order to avoid conflict in updating the files.

Open windows explorer, and locate to the DIGSI software installation folder. Default location is “C:\Siemens\Digsi4\Dispedit”

Extract whole contents of Dispedit.rar into Dispedit folder of DIGSI installation. Just drag and drop the files, if it’s asking abut replacing the files, choose yes to all.


Please wait a moment during extracting and updating the files.

After the process is completed then open your DIGSI software, and let see the difference now.


Open your BCU file or any relay with BCU display option then open the Default Display or Control Display of the device under setting group.


Now, we can see that the library file is updated with a lot of new graphical symbol and also new graphical control symbol.



Note: “Basically PLN standard do not comply with international electrical symbol standard, please do not this symbol for international project or non PLN project.”

Click on User Defined Symbol clip_image013clip_image015 on the left toolbar of DIGSI Display Editor, and then you’ll see there are three new symbols of CB, DS and ES using the model of PLN standard symbol.

To use this control symbol, jus click on it and place it into BCU LCD drawing area.



In this library also include the “ready to use” templates which saved from previous projects. To select the template, click Menu Display à Template à Open

clip_image019 clip_image021

In the Template folder, there’s a lot of folder of previous project (GIS substation and AIS substation sinlge line template), open it to have a look.

To open the template of CB, DS and ES with PLN standard symbol, please open Paket 13 folder.

This is the example of BCU LCD display:

clip_image023 clip_image025

Invalid Position Closed Position

The CB and DS shape is designed with border to identify current position under cursor controlling screen. If there’s no border, the cursor display will display only blank Black Square shape during CB controlling.

clip_image027 clip_image029

Open Position Incoming Open Position


Operation Instruction Display, often PLN operator request this in order to avoid mall-operation due to human error (eg. Forget the step or missing the manual operation book)

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