Regarding our customer now is using Master SCADA with IEC 870-5-101 and 104 protocol. All of RTU or SAS projects must provide this protocol and successfully pass the interoperability test. The new project of Substation Automation System has to be proof that the system is able to communicate to master SCADA via IEC 870-5-101 protocol.

During Commissioning or SAT, often the customer request to test the IEC-101 or 104 of our SAS using a standard protocol tester such us ASE2000. Even this is very simple test, sometimes if someone not familiar with this protocol tester, then it’s almost impossible to perform the test and the SAS project will be fail. This document provides the basic configuration of ASE2000 to perform connectivity test of IEC-101 protocol of SICAM PAS.

1. How To Simulate IEC-60870-101 Protocol (Master SCADA) in Protocol Tester ASE2000

ASE 2000 communication test set is a protocol tester or simulator that able to simulate many kind of protocol. This tool is powerful, except the software GUI is not user friendly and minimal user guide available. This document will explain the detailed how to simulate IEC 60870-101 protocol of SICAM PAS using ASE 2000 as the Master SCADA simulator.


Before start config SICAM PAS and ASE2000. First, connect RS232 of SICAM PAS PC to ASE2000 PC using a standard Null Modem cable, of course with cross serial TX-RX. Also, ensure that SICAM PAS has been installed IEC-101 and IEC-104 protocol license on it. If there’s RS416 due to redundant SICAM PAS server, in order to perform test we need to connect the RS232 cable to RS416 port which used as virtual COM Port.

Please follow this step:

1. Click properties - communication, in the channel tab make sure that you have right com port setting. In the Line tab chose constant as the carrier option, make sure the baud rate is same with SICAM PAS/RTU setting. This is COM Port of PC with ASE2000 installed on it.

clip_image002 clip_image004

2. Click Properties - Protocol Specific, In The Channel exchange defaults make sure that the DL address and Comm address' value is same with SICAM PAS setting. Check the Asynch and iec 870-5-101. Ensure that the values in that panel are same with SICAM PAS setting. Our customer recommended setting based on their master SCADA configuration: Data bits 8,1,Even and Length link is 2,2,3.

clip_image002[4] clip_image004[4]


3.  go to exchange list, here are what you need to make connection in this protocol

  • reset link (freq 0) (flag: display transmit)


  • Access Demand (freq 0) (flag: display transmit)


  • Interogeration (freq 0) (flag display transmit)


4. That's all. You may add more exchange list to pool by ASE2000 if needed.

Now Press clip_image014 to Simulate as Master SCADA. If SICAM PAS is successfully connected to ASE2000 via IEC-101 protocol, in line monitor will display response data with “<--“ sign. If connection is failed, the sign is “<==” with text “No Data …” or “Response Timeout”. The picture bellow is example of ASE2000 successfully connected to SICAM PAS.


SICAM PAS - Operation also show the connection status of IEC-101 protocol.


Sign clip_image020 : connected.


Set the baudrate to 1200, set the link address and ASDU address (eg. 170), COM Port used for test.


Set the length of link, ASDU & Object to 2, 2 & 3 as per customer or Master SCADA configuration


That’s all the necessary link configuration of IEC-101 of SICAM PAS

Download Article in PDF:

pdf article download  SICAM PAS IEC-101 Slave

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